Recently, I was diagnosed with R.A.A.D.D. – 9-10 recruiters suffer from this disorder. It often goes undiagnosed and if untreated it can directly effect to what is now referred to as “The Recruitosphere.”

Recruiter Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.
This is how it manifests:

I start my day by making a nice, strong pot of coffee.

While the coffee is brewing, I check my email.

I start to respond to an email from a hiring manager in which he turns down a candidate that I know is great for a position.

Frustrated, I stop myself in the middle of the return email to take a deep breath so I can rationally articulate my response.

As I start to erase the cuss words, I look over at my phone and notice my voicemail light blinking. I quickly write a polite response asking him to explain his rational behind the choice.

I then proceed to check my voicemail. While checking number 3 of my 15 voicemails, I realize that I forgot my coffee in the kitchen and clearly can not make it through the messages without it.

I go back to the kitchen and get a mug of coffee and take a few sips.
I start walking back to my office and notice a plant that needs water. I set down my mug of coffee and get cup of water for the plant.

After watering the plant I head back to my office and continue to check my voicemail.

I have a message from accounts payable that they are questioning a bill for $5000 from our add agency for a job fair.

As I start to write a frustrated email to my ad agency, for charging me $4000 for signing me up for a $1000 event, I reach for my coffee and realize that I left it in the kitchen.

I finish the email and I notice an incoming email from the hiring manager. I know I need my coffee for this one so I head back to the kitchen. I grab my now cold mug of coffee and head back to my desk.

As I get to my desk the phone rings. It is a hot candidate that I have been playing phone tag with for two days. The candidate is available to have a phone interview right now so I dive right in.

After I finish the call I check my email and notice that I have been copied in on 30 emails back and forth from my accounts payable, and 4 different people at the ad agency. All are all talking about different things, not one of which is a job fair but all are pertaining to the $5000 charge.

I then take another sip of my now 5 hour old coffee and finally have a chance to read the email from the hiring manager. He states he did like the candidate but can’t explain why he doesn’t want to hire them. I do a few deep breathing exercises and I courteously respond that I need the details of why so I can effectively support his choice.

The phone then rings and it is a candidate finally accepting an offer I made her 3 days ago. I finish the call and go into the ATS to produce her offer letter. As I am producing the letter the ATS freezes and locks up my whole computer.

While restarting my computer, I notice a voicemail I haven’t retrieved. The message is from a candidate starting tomorrow that wanted to let me know they decided to accept another position.

Once I am able to get back on my computer and into the ATS, I search for the candidate that just decided to take another job and change their status. This reminds me to repost the job and start the search again. I then remember that I still have to produce the letter for the candidate that did accept.

I then take a sip of water from a cup on my desk. I think it was the cup from the plant I watered that morning, I am not sure how it got on my desk but I am parched and I don’t care.

I then make a follow up call over to the hiring manager. He explains he has rethought his decision and thinks the candidate will be a wonderful addition to the team.

I pick up the cup of water and head to the kitchen. I notice it is the first time I looked outside all day and it is dark out. I realize it is time to end my day and just have a feeling that I forgot something. I feel like I was so busy but nothing got done and I'm really tired.

As my day ends I step into my kitchen, pour myself a lovely glass of Pinot Noir and head for my computer, to write an entry in my Blog. You can be sure that I didn’t forget my wine glass in the kitchen. However, I do remember that I left my old mug of coffee in my office!

If you or a friend is suffering from R.A.A.D.D., there is hope. The following provide support that has helped me in my time of need. I hope they will do the same for you or your loved one in need.