Gen Y Quiet? Seriously?

Gen Y quiet? Seriously? Who said that? A baby boomer? The oldest Millennials are about 24 year old. So how long have they really had a voice, 6 years? Maybe 8? It seems like a lot of criticism written pertaining to Millennials. I do agree with some on occasion. My question is how did these "traits" come into fruition? Technology absolutely, parenting definitely.

Anyone that thinks Gen Y is quiet really missed the boat....or should I say BLOG. As far as I can see, Gen Y has a very strong voice, it is just come out in the form of keystrokes. Gen Y's voice is clear, articulate and doesn't need to scream and that is powerful. If people think Millennials are quiet, maybe they are just not listening in the WRITE circles.

To make my point type Millennials and then Baby Boomers into

here is what I got for results

Millennials.......................... 17,500,000
Baby Boomers..................... 4,330,000

That is LOUD and CLEAR to me!

(Hat tip to Modite- thanks for getting me goin' again!)
Generation Y is too quiet, too conservative

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