We were candidates before we were recruiters

We were candidates before we were recruiters
so fundamentally, that began our career. In reality, how can you be a recruiter if you never had to search for a job? It is part of our training, development and often our character. I still on occasion search as a candidate, not because I am unhappy in my job but because as a recruiter it is my job to understand things from all perspectives. What does the candidate see out there? What is my competition offering to attract talent? Is my company competitive? How is our employment branding/identity compared to others?

To be an exceptional recruiter, you must ALWAYS with out exception be able to view the process from all prospective, first and foremost, without negotiation through the candidate’s eyes. I am not being naive with that absolute statement. I do understand the politics of the internal and external recruitment processes but remember why you actually are in this field.

Hey you! Yah you! The one with sandwich in your hand, I am talking to you! Go ahead, take another bite of your ham on rye while you are meeting with a candidate, take another phone call during an interview and answer that incoming email while meeting with a vender.

Don’t you get it!!! It is all about the people! The people you work, for, around and with were all candidates once! Your most respected colleagues and role models got where they are by developing their talents it wasn’t by osmosis! Maybe you are really in it for the payday but, really, get another job and leave this to the passionate people, it is too important! This is people’s careers, their lively hood. Take it seriously, I sure do!

Learn something about this process or GET OUT OF MY BLOG!! You do not belong here! Poser! Wash Up! Go find a different seat on another bus!

If you are offended or smiling should really determine if you belong in this recruiters playground!

Wow, that was cleansing. I needed that.

My husband, who is also in the field on the vender side told me once that I have to be patient and remember not every recruiter has the passion I do, I shouldn’t offend.
I don’t want to offend…much; I am sensible, I don’t expect everyone to be overly-enthusiastic and live and breathe the process. I just hope for recruiters/hiring managers while on the job remember that we were candidates before we were recruiters.

As for patience, I try to be, I am…well, Uhh, wait until my husband reads this tangent!