Generations Data- Now what do we do with it?

This past year I have been engaged in developing my own understanding of generational interactions. It is my job to understand the needs of each candidate and be able to relate to them what my company has to offer. My recent study into generations is really to understand why and how to connect all groups by understanding then utilizing each others strengths, needs and wants in the workplace.

The environmental, sociological and cultural data collected affecting each group is interesting, often accurate and sometimes useful. Use it as a tool, but only as a tool, when you are using several other sources of strategy for building a competitive workforce.

Labeling can be dangerous so look at each of your team members or candidates as individuals not by the characteristics of an entire generation’s label. Utilize each member’s talents, passions and strengths for balance collectively. Generational data is useful because it can help each generation relate to the next by understanding the specific needs.

Be a leader and take time to listen what is important to people as individuals, develop them and then see what happens.

Companies that have developed over the past 10 years such as are often founded by Generation Xer’s that “get it” They have a diverse workforce of Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers and Millennials. These company’s founders have learned to embrace our wonderfully diverse workforce. Many long standing large organizations are now developing “strategic HR plans” because the Baby Boomers leading them just came to terms with the fact they are falling behind with the needs of many of the Gen Xer’s and almost all of there employees under the age of 25. I know that sounds as a criticism but look at it as “whew” hopefully they figured it out before it is too late.

Millennials are not just your entry level workers that haven’t put in there time yet. Ever heard of Facebook, the founder is in his early 20’s and is worth close to 1 BILLION DOLLARS.

Once again, stop trying to figure out how to manage people by there generation. Give people the tools they need to be successful and embrace everyone’s individual strengths and use their power for good.

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