The Coming-Out Stories of Anonymous Bloggers

I am often asked why I Blog under Recruitnik. When I first started writing my Blog; I wasn’t sure what direction I would go and exactly what I wanted to do with it. I am in HR and the last thing I wanted to do was for my personal views and opinion to be directly associated with my company. They are my opinions and I own them.

It is not that I am a coward and I have nothing to say that would get me fired. It’s actually quite the opposite. If I did write something that would get me fired, it would be clear to me that my company is no longer a fit anyway. I soon discovered that colleagues were reading my Blog that had no idea it was me. They related to my posts and appreciated my voice. It showed me that we are aligned.

Someone contacted me the other day that was interested in what I had to say. I thought he reached out because he knew I was “Recruitnik.” In reality he wanted my input because of my position within my company gives me credibility in the Recruiting space. I wanted my credibility to come from my ideas, experience and track record.

It got me thinking about the whole reason I started writing in the first place. I have it posted on my Blog and have from day one. “I have been ranting & raving for years about everything recruitment & for some reason, on occasion, people listen!” I am passionate about what I do and just wanted to have a voice separate from my company. I never hid; it is easy to figure out who I am. I just didn’t want who I work for and what I do to influence people to hear me. I just wanted to connect with people leaving off the title and influence.

Anonymity and the internet are hot topics today; and I believe people have the right to a voice and also privacy if they want it. Many choose to use pen names, pseudonyms, alias, or whatever you want to call it for reason such as what I have mentioned. Others use it because it might get them more attention and still others because they wish to draw attention to issues without any predetermined ideas about who they are or their background. There is a rich history in literature, periodicals and the press of the use of pen names.

Do you recognize the name Samuel Clemons? He wrote under the pseudonym Mark Twain. BTW-he also published some work under the alias Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass.


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