Through the Eyes of a Recruiter: Part One: The Candidate’s Perspective

Most of us one time or another have found ourselves with the task of looking for a job. The last time may have been years or minutes ago but we have all most likely had to experience this process in one form or another.

The Internet is how we pound the pavement. It is how we find the job we think is a fit and how we apply.

As a job seeker you go on to a job board and you search for a job in which you THINK your days or years of experience leaves you more than qualified. Some people are meticulous in there search not leaving any stones unturned to find the perfect fit. Other job seekers just applying to all positions on the Internet. And yes, I said all positions posted on the Internet. OK maybe ALL is a bit of an exaggeration but these are usually the same people we recruiters refer to as “stalker candidates” but that is for another day.

But I digress; you the job seeker then cut and paste or attach your well planned or not so well planned resume into the space provided. Wondering where your resume goes, you close your eyes and hit the “Apply” button.

That’s it….silence…

Your destiny is now in the hands the person who can potentially start your career with your desired company and change your life as you know it.

There is another side to this coin….and the answers to those questions all candidates would love to know.

“Who now has my resume!?” “Do they even know they have it!?” “Do they care they have it!?” “Do they know how great I am!?

Through the Eyes of a Recruiter: Part Two:
The Recruiter's Perspective (coming soon)