What do you think is the best way for someone to break into recruitment?

Here is my two cents worth:
A good route to go is to apply to a large recruiting firm. If you do not know what you specifically like as your niche, joining a firm that has multiple types of placement (permanent, temp, contract, contingency, etc.) and multiple departments (IT, retail, Pharmacy, etc.) can be a way to expose yourself to a lot in one place. It is all about sourcing and networking.

If this is a second career for you and you have experience in a specific field use it to your advantage. For instance, if I was the hiring manager at the firm, and you worked in a Hotel as a Food and Beverage Manager, I would say, great customer service, clearly a people person understands Hospitality and Restaurant. You immediately would have a connection and comfort level with these areas.

Another suggestion is to make sure that the firm you choice has you bring in job orders (Deal with client companies to fill the recruitment needs) as well as deal with candidates. Get expose to both early on. Some firms have people that do one or the other. When I started working at my first recruitment firm, I did both. I thought I was going to be the queen of candidates; I came from internal recruitment and was a bit leery of dealing with companies. It turned out I was fantastic with building relationships with clients companies because I came from that side.