Cool, Attention Getting Job Description

As a recruiter, when browsing, I often visit career sections. This was a job listed on Got my attention thats for sure!

General Rock Stars

Department: ZoomInfo

Office: Waltham

Location: Waltham, MA

Percent Travel: None

What gets our attention (besides shiny objects and laser pointers)? Really interesting, naturally inquisitive people with a drive to succeed and do better than they did the last time. A street & book smart combo. The ability to laugh at yourself. Tinkerers, inventors. People who have created their own businesses, or will one day. Internet savvy. People who know that the answers invariably lead to more questions - and love the fact that the world's built that way. We seek the best - our philosophy is simple: hire people who are smarter than we are and who thrive on solving really interesting problems, provide them room to breathe and back them with some resources, and watch them go. Because we're looking for incredibly impactful, interesting people, this can be a tough place to get into (unless you’re this guy, but no company’s perfect). That said, if you’ve got the smarts, the creativity, and the nice-person pieces down, it’s worth reaching out to us. There's a lot happening here, and a good chance we need somebody with your background (unless you're a juggler - we already have one of those).

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the link below, and let''s get moving.