Interview Questions for Recruiters

I remember when I first started recruiting. I clung to interview questions for dear life scared if I let go I would fall into the bad recruiter’s abyss. I also recall that I didn’t learn much about the candidate until I was comfortable enough to take off the training wheels.

Slowly I moved away from the guide. I leaned on the guide, but ended my interviews just speaking with the candidate. I learned to speak with the candidates more & more, only glancing at the guide as if peaking back at my old reliable mentor for reassurance. “Look Ma! No hands!”

A few years ago my company developed an interview guide for new management recruiters. I actually was one of the few that developed it. Good questions. I was then asked by our VP of HR to actually use it. UHHHHHH! I was victim of my own creation! I recall making an ever so professional nauseated face at him. He smiled and said, “Try.” He clearly understood my strength as a recruiter was not based on a piece of paper. He was compassionate and I am sure happy that as one of the top performer was not dependant on a stencil. I did try to use it. I got through 2 questions and had to toss it in the trash I felt powerless and disengaged. Funny how only about 6 years before I depended on a very similar tool with every in of my life.

I am not slamming interview guides, and once again, I am not trying to offend…Use them, they are great tools. I do keep a few old interview guides that I acquired and/ or developed over the years. I like to look back on them on occasion and reincorporate points in my interviews so I do not get stale. I interview hundreds of different types of candidates a year mostly for the same positions; I have a lot of practice.

Just remember, you don’t have the same interview over & over, why should I have the same questions? Shake it up! Use a few different guides if necessary, or just speak with the candidate. You will be amazed what you can learn.

This post was inspired by Kris Dunn’s post,
“Cut the B.S. and Evaluate Potential Hires With Just 2 Questions...”

Thanks Kris!