Discover underutilized & underdeveloped talent in your organization

Discover underutilized and underdeveloped talent in your organization. To put it plainly and simply “Use um’ or Lose um’!” To quote Marcus Buckingham author of First Break all the Rules and Go put your Strengths to Work, “People are not an organizations best asset, peoples strengths are.” This is actually one of my all time favorite quotes.

How many times have you heard variations of “It is too bad he left us for them, he has so much potential.” Potential!? Potential!? The definition of potential is the capable of being or becoming possible. Is it possible? DEVELOP HIM! Don’t lose HIM!

I speak to hundreds of talented candidates in a year. Of course I often ask the obvious question. “Why do you want to leave your present position? All to often I hear “I am looking for a better opportunity” This can mean so many things but can it be I am just speaking with someone that is under developed or underutilized? Am I speaking to a person that may work for you?

Often employers are under utilizing talent. I am not saying everyone can be promoted to CEO I am saying if you have people that unmistakably stand above the rest as consistent, high performers and/or leaders, you better pay attention, these are the companies future. Many companies like to refer to these people as “High Potential.” If you know they stand out, often they know they do as well and are in waiting for you to notice. NOTICE! If you aren’t in a position to promote this person, or if that is not an option in your company, show appreciation, provide them with ability to lead, develop others and themselves. Do something! Make sure they do know that you notice! Because if you don’t, I promise you, other companies will.

Strategic Business? How about aligning the talent you have. Now that’s a Strategy! Move your company forward by utilizing current talent, these people already work for the organization, and they are invested in to the future of the organization that is why they are there. Stop over analyzing the past, learn from it, and use this talent to move forward, discover future goals and future threats.

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