Does your boss follow you?

What do you put out there for all to read? Do you protect or hurt your personal brand? What about your professional image? Your reputation? Do you want to be promoted? Do you want to keep your job? Do your boss, co-workers and colleagues follow you? Do you follow them? What about your mom? Your kids?
I personally utilize Facebook for personal use only. When I say personal, I mean that I will connect to co-workers but not to network contacts, candidates or fans (no offense). I like to know that my co-workers baby just got his first tooth and that another posted pictures from her skiing trip. But what about your employee’s tweet that morning at 10:05 AM that they got so wasted last night they spent the morning hugging the toilet. Did I mention they came to work at 11AM claiming to have been at the doctor? Holy cow, what if this tweet was written by your boss? You may feel that if they don’t like it they shouldn’t read it. Here is the thing; it is your problem if you hurt your image. What you write today can comeback and visit you years from now.

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