Status Update Abuse!

I feel I have been personally violated by status update abuse. I actually remove people that post 10 updates at a time…several times a day. Anyone that I know that is truly that interesting just doesn’t have time to post 50 times a day. I pop on to twitter to see what interesting things people are posting and I find one person dominating my home page. I feel that is just overkill. I do not want to know every time someone goes to get the mail unless something amusing happened along the way. Some people write things that are pretty funny. My brother-in-law’s updates are usually not more they one or two words, if you know him; he is a man of few words so his updates are perfect. I do find it cool that my husband was able to post pictures of my daughter on Facebook 15 minutes after she was born. I don’t find it polite to try to spam or market a product or service to your friend’s connections that you do not know.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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