5 Concepts To Really Being A People Oriented Company.

Almost anything I delve into has HR/Business concepts or elements that are in common. Most things that I personally agree with are integrated in one way or another with the next and it is not because I am being one sided in my research. It is because the books, articles, and website and blogs I research are by people that have proven success in HR and Business and are sharing their knowledge, successes and failures.

So what do WE (The organization as a WHOLE) do join all forces inside the company?

REALLY be people oriented.

1-Listen to your people.
2- Foster a work environment that truly embraces a “Bias for Action” atmosphere at all levels.
3- Challenge to change the Status Quo
4- Discover underutilized and underdeveloped talent.
5- Continued Training and Development in all areas.

HR is part of the organization making it whole. As a HR professional stop trying to get a seat at the table in which you sit. Just be a rational, influential, motivating part of the business strategic plans moving forward. Acknowledge past good and bad patterns make informed suggestions and decisions to move the organization forward.

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